One kit, Full coverage

Do you find yourself spending a lot of time and money looking for the best make-up product or combination of products to cover up your Melasma or other types of hyperpigmentation?

We bet the answer is yes! And that is exactly the reason why we worked hard to put The Melasma Kit on the market. We developed the perfect combination of products that will save you time, money and a lot of hassle. The Kit contains easy-to-use, breathable products that will make you feel confident and beautiful in just 2 easy steps.

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Founder's words

I have personally struggled with Melasma for over 10 years. When I got pregnant with my son it got worse. I tried everything, from laser treatments to peelings. Some of the treatments worked, some did not. The Melasma always returned. I realized that I will just have to live with it!

It was a constant challenge for me to find the right combination of coverage products to cover the spots. I tried most brands but never found a line specifically for this skin condition. I realize that my journey is not unique. There are so many women and men struggling to find a way to learn to deal with their skin not being “perfect”.

The journey of finding what works best was long and invaluable. An amazing experience that helped me realize that WE HAVE TO #OWNIT. Now, I wouldn’t say I “suffer” from Melasma, it became part of me. I just have to deal with it!

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